Most Favourite Beaches in New Zealand

Ocean Beach – Mount Maunganui

You must have seen some of the most beautiful beaches in the world but there are some in New Zealand which can beat any of them. With over 15,000 KM of coast line it has some of the most fascinating beaches in the world.

Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula:

Hot-Water-Beach-Coromandel image by Adam-Bryce

Hot-Water-Beach-Coromandel image by Adam-Bryce

In the town of Whitianga, lies this hidden treasure. The beach is famous for its hot water pools. Confused? If you arrive 2 hours before or after low tide and start digging the beach sand with your shovel, you will find out why this beach is so unique. Upon digging you find bursting hot water and you can actually dig your own family pool. The hot water coming out naturally has lots of healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. The nearby hiking point is just 40 minutes away in cathedral cove. Click here for for more details

Piha Beach, West Auckland:

Sunset at Piha Beach, Auckland - Honeymooner Destination

Sunset at Piha Beach, Auckland. Image By : Chris-Sisarich

This west Auckland beach is one of the most notorious and ruff beach of New Zealand. It is considered as surfer’s paradise due to ruff nature of its water. However it is not only famous for its ruff beach but the tall standing Lion Rock, the lush green Waitakiri ranges and cool black sand beach provided plenty of opportunities of exploration, walking and some fun family picnics. It is only 30 minutes drive from Auckland. Swimming is only permitted within the area of the lifeguard petrol.

Kaiteriteri Beach, Nelson Region:



Kaiteriteri-Beach, Image By : By Jonathan Kennett

One of the best beaches with golden sand and highest rate of sunshine hours in New Zealand makes this beach as top priorities for every beach lover in New Zealand. It has all the prerequisites to be on the list of every traveler. It is also considered as the gateway to Able Tasman National Park and is located on the top of the south Island. Seals and Dolphins are found in abundance so make sure that you are ready with your cameras.

Mission Bay- Auckland:


Mission Bay Beach

Mission Bay Beach – Image by : Auckland Tourism

There are country side beaches and there are city beaches. Some will like the city beaches more as they are more vibrant and you get to do lot more than the country side beach. Mission Bay in Auckland is one such beach. With plenty of vibrant restaurants offering best of the world cuisines, cafes, ice cream parlors and pubs – it has everything one can ask for. Just a short drive from Auckland’s Central Business District, Mission Bay is surely a place to be on a bright sunny day. With its golden sand providing one of the best places to play volleyball and Frisbee, we are sure that this is an ultimate weekend destination for the family.

New Chums Beach – Coromandel Peninsula:

Chum Beach - Image By

Chum Beach – Image By

This one is a like rabbit out of the magician’s hat. You never know what will come out from it. We are sure not many have heard about this one. It is kind of difficult to reach to this beach but that is the beauty of it. When you have to work hard to reach the beach, you will enjoy more after reaching. The way towards the beach goes through some walking out of the bushes and rock trails. Make sure you have everything you need as you might find yourself alone out on the beach just like your own private beach.

Ocean Beach – Mount Maunganui:

Ocean Beach – Mount Maunganui

Ocean Beach – Mount Maunganui : Image by –

One of my personal favorite, this beach never fails to amaze me. Actually there 2 beaches, one is the surf beach and the other harbor beach, pilot bay. While the harbor beach is good for swimming, the surf beach is heaven for surfers. This is one of the most crowded and happening beach of New Zealand. Restaurants and pubs around the coast line, people enjoying all day long is a common site. It becomes most crowded place of New Zealand around New Year time. Make sure you book well in advance to avoid sleeping in the car.

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